Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This is my boom stick.

"Shiro the Bastard" is a bastard by name and a bastard by nature. As a young orphan, Shiro was drafted into the Yakuza, where his natural bloodlust and scrupulous morals allowed him to rise in rank until he became the chief enforcer for the Shanghai branch. In public he's calm, confident and powerful, in private he's a sadistic nightmare.

His weapon of choice is a modified pump action shotgun that fires short range buckshot rounds. Rather than use it like a conventional gun, Shiro uses it entirely for melee, and will only pull the trigger when the barrel is pressed up against an opponent. His attacks with the gun are similar to conventional jo strikes, but modified for the irregular shape of the shotgun, and include the pump action mid strike when required.

Naturally, all this close action shotgunning has left Shiro with some hearing problems, which while not servere do cause him to mishear things sometimes. Not that he has to here much, since it's normally him giving the orders rather than taking them.

Shiro the Bastard is one of the main antagonists in A Fistful of Dollars. When I get around to doing something with it at least.

Also, as a side note: Those of you with math skills may have noted that according to the blog tally to the right, yesterday was only post 99. It's both sad and true that I can not in fact count. Don't tell anyone.

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