Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The new kid in town...

This luckless bastard is Johnny "Lovebaby" D'Agostino, main character of the short comic "Johnny Lovebaby buys the farm".

Johnny's got himself in some trouble with the wrong people and now he's stuck in a four way game of Russian Roulette. The only way out is down the barrel of a gun. Hilarity ensues.

Johnny's personality is somewhat based on a guy I know, just who will forever remain a mystery. Lookwise he's not based on anyone in particular. He's a womanising lovable idiot who's always been on the edge of the underworld but never dabbled into it. He's pretty clueless and totally unlucky, but he does have an innate but underdeveloped understanding of numbers and probability. Kind of imagine Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting if he hadn't met Robin Williams and just used Minnie Driver for sex.

"Johnny Lovebaby buys the farm" is another comic I have mostly written but really need to get around to drawing up one of these days...

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