Monday, September 21, 2009

That's about enough of that.

It's done. No more. I couldn't take it anyway. Oh woe is me. Etc.

So this whole thing has taken a lot longer than I thought it would. On the other hand though, it turned out a lot better than I was planning (or indeed, expecting). And considering how sick (and delusional) I've been feeling (and are continuing to feel) these past few days I'm surprised I made it at all. Don't be surprised if I take a day or two off now.

So for those of you playing along at home and unable to work out what's going on: We have my housemates, the Orphans, in the various costumes from around the world. Clockwise from the top there's: Caitlin as a French Moulin Rouge Can-Can Dancer/Wench. James as a British Red Coat/Historical Pornstar. Sarah as an Austrian Beer Wench/Wench. And lastly me, as a Samurai/Wench. Sure, maybe they don't look exactly like us, but really, who demands realism from a cartoon?

All of this is for the "Around the world" party we're having soon. If you're reading this you're welcome to attend, providing you can decipher the hidden clues in the picture that will provide the proper address. Unless you're one of those crazy stalkers/spam bots of course...

Finally, can you also name all the famous landmarks in the background? It shouldn't be that hard, with the exception of the Washington Monument (Hint: It's in James' pants. Ladies).

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