Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Leaps and bounds

Behold: Jumping onto walls.

Not pictured: the unfortunate bugs that happen when you collide with a block on/near a corner.

However, I have fixed the problem where the ninja wouldn't sit on the block after colliding with it. I've also worked out why downward angle jumps wouldn't tilt the player character (Spoiler: its because of my badly implemented gravity). To smooth things out a little and improve collision detection I've upped the FPS. I don't know if that will cause issues later on or not though.  I have also made the ninja start and respawn on the start pad now.

The biggest problem at the moment is fixing the corner colliding so it doesn't freak out and temporarily freeze the game. I suspect it's going to be a case of changing how I'm doing my position checking. I'm kind of annoyed that I have something else I need to do tonight... I'm really starting to get back into this.

Also I need to find a better way of making gifs or something else pretty to post. It would be cool if I could just post versions of the game but Gamemaker only appears to let you output to steam workshop at the moment, which isn't really what I want to do. Maybe I should get the HTML 5 license or something.

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