Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Now with 100% more interaction


So as a birthday present to myself/as a way of forcing myself to see this through, I went and bought all the exporters for Gamemaker. So now: In-development test builds, online.

I haven't done anything extra today because I've been too busy blowing out candles, but this is the current state of the prototype with it's jumping and scrolling and hanging etc. I think I'm going to try and work towards adding a timer, proper start and end states, and some kind of simple menu in the next day or two and then go focus on getting some of the sprite/background work done.

Current bug list:
- Camera jerks if you try and make a jump that immediately collides you with the wall again. I'm pretty sure I should limit the inputtable jump angle depending on how the ninja is standing, so this might not be a problem.

- Sometimes if you jump *really* quick after landing the ninja doesn't go through his normal leap/somersault but instead just spins around with his leap frame. I like how goofy this looks but the fact that I have no idea why this is happening worries me.

- Sometimes when the ninja grabs on to the side wall he'll grab on upside down. I think it might be due to the the positioning of the ninja when colliding, but this almost looks normal and doesn't seem to impact gameplay, so maybe I'll leave it.

- Everything looks ugly. That's fine though because my inspiration is your face. Burn.

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