Friday, February 1, 2013

Ninja-San, The Tea Party Is Over.

The entirety of the design document. 
I think if only one thing has been made clear by this blog, it is this: I can only be productive if I'm trying to hit some kind of unrealistic goal. Previously I was able to get an entire month of scatter-shot and barely related images done. Gold star for effort, but it doesn't really get me anywhere. Nor does it prove or improve my skills as a game designer, which was kind of the point of this whole thing.

So with all that in mind, coupled with the ego-destroying knowledge that I'm almost 30 and have nothing worthwhile from my job career to show for it, I'm issuing myself a new challenge:

1. Do something every day and post it.
2. Only work on one game at a time until a prototype is done.
3. Do it until I can't, and then do it again.

I'm not going to be doing anything huge, but I don't want to. At worst, I'll have a bunch of little prototypes I could put up on kongregate or whatever, at best I'll have a game that's good enough to spend some extra time on to release on mobile/steam.

So first up: Ninja-san, the tea party is over.

Why: Because the phrase has been stuck in my head for weeks, and because you're supposed to "write what you know". The line comes from some old movie that I can't seem to track down (I think, could definitely be wrong).

How: Gamemaker. I know it's not considered proper game making, but snobs step off. There have been a few commercial games released with it now and it reminds me a lot of doing stuff in Flash and Actionscript. It does everything I'll need for this.

What: You are a Ninja who has been invited to tea with the Shogun, but oh no! You're running late! You control a ninja through some simple control scheme, that has to leap though levels and obstacles to reach the Shogun's tea party before the tea goes cold and you disgrace your family.

Well... That will do for today. Lets see if I can make 2 days in a row tomorrow.

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