Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ninja-san the prototype is over.

Just a screenshot. 
Prototype updated! Check it out here:

(Also, just because I didn't make it clear last time: Click anywhere (or tap if you're on a touch screen) and the ninja will leap in that direction. You have to make it from the green "S" block to the red "E" block as quick as you can)

So, I know I seem to be saying this quite a bit, but I think I'm done with the prototype now. Now added:
- This incredibly classy and stylish start screen.
- Converting the timer into minutes and seconds.
- More refined jump checking based on how you are grabbing the block.
- Level resetting.

This also brings a lot of things with it that have the framework in place but not specifics (i.e. different game states and the ability to tweak the controls). I've also gone back through all the code so far and tidied and documented everything so I (hopefully) don't forget what I'm doing when I come back to it. That also managed to iron out a few bugs and odd things, but hasn't eliminated all the known bugs. I am still aware of:
- Ninja occasionally side grabs walls upside down.
- Ninja seems to get stuck rotating in his leap frame if you jump precisely as you collide with a block.

Despite going through the code and tidying stuff up, I still have no idea why these two are happening... But I think at this stage that's a problem for another day.

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  1. you just scored the 10G Prototype Achievement. rad dude!